We all know that you need chips in order to play in casino. Since 2000 casinos doesn’t use real money like dollars or euro when playing in real casino. Many of you might get yourself a question – why? The answer is trivial – it is easier to control the cash in one place. Casinos doesn’t have problem with exchanging money, with checking if this money are real or not, they don’t care if you lose money or not because all of them are “useless” plastic chips/coins and you have to go to the cash and exchange them into real money. Casino always wins – it is the same situation here. They control it all and what more – studies have proven that people spend plastic money easier than real money.


What you can buy with myVegas chips online/offline?

People like to visualize what they can get for “not real” money. With myVegas you can exchange your chips into a many things in LasVegas. The most popular are: free hotel nights, lap dances, luxury taxis, another batch of free chips, drinks or you can save them and transfer directly to your bank account. If you are in Vegas right now then we can recommend Vegas Transfers LLC – they can transfer your chips into bank account within 30 minutes and it is relatively cheap because they charge only 5%.

Free online generators

There are plenty of websites which offer you online generators. Most of them doesn’t work or require you to give them your social security number, driver license ID or pay in advance for free chips. We have tested over 25+ websites and found of that myvegasfreechips.net offers you ultimate online MYVEGAS FREE CHIPS!. They are group of developers who cracked myvegas code and they offer free online generator where you give your myvegas ID and then system generates any number of chips you need. They are credited into your account within seconds. Please go and test them out – but remember to generate not more than 1000 chips per day.

1000 chips per day rule

Many people trying to get incredible amount of coins within seconds. They do not think about risks and immediately they emerge from the group of people and anty-spam team from myVegas see their account as a potential cheater. This is why myvegasfreechips.net started to limit players to generate not more than 1000 chips per 1 account per 24h. In that way they stay under radar and player are able to get free chips instantly. As for now they have generated over 50 000 000 free chips online and still generating thousands of chips evey second. You can download and use myvegas codes – they are free and easy to apply.

We have introduced the solution for myVEgas for you so you can decide yourself if you want to give it a chance or you would like to spend money. We – prefer to spend “fake” cash instead of real dollars. In this way you can be a millionaire till the end of the 2017. Good luck for all of you who plays myVEgas